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Alquila casas de ensueño en el valle de Arán

The "Valle de Arán" is a high mountain district located in the occidental extreme of the Catalan Pyrenees, that is why it holds an Atlantic climate that turns it different than the rest of the high mountain Pyrenee valleys. The climatology of the "Valle de Arán", is much cooler and humid than the climatology of the neighbour valleys, which makes larger quantity of snow and at an optimum quality in winter. In summer we can enjoy a fresh and exuberant nature, the leafy spring greens and the myriad autumn reds turns the country-side different than the rest of the Catalan Pyrenees, giving it a perfect setting at any season.

The "Valle de Arán" is a little country of high mountains and deep valleys, sprinkled with wooded areas and multiple crystalline lakes. The Romanic art is present in every corner of the valley; we can find numerous churches in incomparable natural frames that make the delight of lovers of art and nature. The modern architecture is respectful with environment and appropriate to old traditional constructions of high mountains.

The combination of so many natural and beautiful spaces makes the Valle de Arán a truly holidays paradise that reaches us not just the best ski resorts in Spain, Baqueira Beret, but all kinds of recreational and sporting activities. From any of our magnificent houses you can male real your dreamed sport, adventure or relaxation at any time of the year. Come and begin to enjoy your dreamed paradise.

Come and begin to enjoy your dreamed paradise!

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